Our Alliance

A Leading Corporate Hub

As part of the healthiest regional economies in America, Collin County is a place many major businesses are calling their permanent home. Some of these major businesses include: Texas Instruments, HP Enterprise Services (formerly EDS), J.C. Penney, Nortel, Frito-Lay, Countrywide, Raytheon, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Verizon, SBC Communications, Toyota, JP Morgan Chase, Dr. Pepper Snapple, AT&T, Ericsson, Capital One, NTT Data, Encore Wire, Rent-A-Center, and many more. Further, many of these companies are already members of the Collin County Business Alliance.

A total of more than 472,000 workers in Collin County are employed at over 18,000 establishments.  In 2012, our area ranked 6th in the nation on CNNMoney’s ”Where The Jobs Are” listing, mentioning a 55.6 percent jobs growth rate from 2000-2011.  As a fertile ecosystem of functioning businesses, Collin County continues to be attractive to companies expanding both their horizons and potential and further extending their networks in constructive ways.   Recognizing the high quality environment offered by the area, in 2014, Toyota announced it soon move its North American headquarters, with 4,000 employees, to our area.  And recent reports indicate that approximately $5 billion will be invested in new commercial, retail and housing development projects in just one part of Collin County.

A Team of Supportive Cities

The cities are what make Collin County a prosperous place to live. The population of Collin County rose by over 422,000 people between 2000 and 2015, to a total of almost 914,000.  Five of our cities - McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano and Wylie – accounted for 75% of this growth and the majority of the county’s residents live in these communities.  Functioning and working together as the major organs of Collin County, the cities operate with a collective countywide frame of mind to provide a high quality place to live, work and do business.  The cities that constitute Collin County are:

Our communities have consistently received a number of national wards recognizing the high quality of life in our area, including:

“Best Places to Live in America,”

Money Magazine

McKinney #1 (2014), #2 (2012), #8 (2008); Allen #13 (2012), #16 (2010), #20 (2008), Frisco #1 (2018) #38 (2008), Plano #2 (2016)

“Best Places to Find a New Job,”

Money Magazine

Allen #4 (2014)

“America’s 25 Best Places to Move,”

— Forbes

Frisco (2009)

“Best Places to Launch Your Career,”

— Money Magazine

Allen #2 (2018)

“Best Suburbs 2014,”

— D Magazine

Allen #10, Frisco #15, McKinney #17, Plano #19

A Developmental Support Network

The Collin County business community is also supported by a number of economic development corporations (EDCs).  Funded by dedicated tax revenues, these local authorities work to recruit new businesses and to support retention and expansion of current employers.  In coordination with programs offered by the state of Texas and their local government bodies, EDCs may offer a range of incentives including property tax abatements, grants, job training and loans.  Due in part to these local economic development efforts, during the past 15 years, the Collin County property tax base has grown by almost $60 billion to a total of nearly $100 billion.

Here’s the list of our EDC network:

A Diverse Mix of People

Collin County—home to a rich blend of people from varying backgrounds— truly nurtures a high quality of life. The county is hallmarked by a highly educated labor pool and also a median household income of a pleasant $89,638. In fact, the worth of each dollar extends itself further, since Collin County has very affordable housing and cost of living relative to the rest of the county. It goes without saying, then, that Collin County is a wonderful place where both businesses and employees can root and expand themselves.

A Group of Members That Support the Local Business Communities

Collin County has a total of 16 chambers of commerce that support our local business community through bringing together thousands of their members from across our county to provide a dynamic business environment.  These organizations work to provide educational and networking opportunities, advocate on priority issues, and support marketing of their communities and the region to prospective business.  They also offer relocation information about our high quality of life to new residents.


Here’s a full list of our county’s Chambers of Commerce: